Best Time to Go to Hawaii

Best Time to Go to Hawaii

When is The Best Time to Go to Hawaii?

Hawaii is the most popular island destination in the United States, with almost 7 million visitors per year.

On average, Hawaii gets more than 80 inches of rain annually; however, the majority of this falls between November and March. This leads to a lush landscape, but it also means frequent rainy days during those months. The dryer summer season has more sun and less rainfall, but visitors will find Hawaii is still very humid.

What is the best time to go to Hawaii?  The answer depends on several factors. First, there isn’t a “best” time of year – every season offers something different and unique about Hawaii, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. Second, I can only give you a general idea about seasons in Hawaii because weather conditions vary greatly across the islands.

Hawaii’s Four Seasons:

Most people know there are four seasons in Hawaii, but they may not understand how it affects their vacation time:

Winter (November – March): Winter is actually a great time to visit Hawaii and each season offers something different and unique about Hawaii. If you can stand cooler temperatures and rainfall, you’ll enjoy pleasant days and roaring tradewinds. The peak travel season during winter months is from mid-December to the end of January – which often coincides with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
Winter is also high season on most islands because it’s more likely that tourists will get a room during this time (versus summer).

Summer (April – October): Summer in Hawaii is hot and humid. Although you’ll find breaks in the rain, it’s extremely hot during the day and sticky at night. This is also when you can expect higher prices and resort fees as most schools are out of session and families flock to Hawaii for summer vacations. Most people agree summer isn’t the best time to go to Hawaii, especially if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities.

Spring (March – May): The tradewinds start blowing and temperatures begin cooling into spring. It’s still relatively cool during the day but will quickly warm up as soon as the sun goes down. You’ll notice an increase in rain as well.

Fall (November – February): I consider fall the best season to visit Hawaii because it’s still warm and sunny, but the temperatures are much more pleasant. It typically starts off a little cloudy and cool during these months, but you’ll see increasing sun and less rainfall by November and December. Fall is much less crowded than winter, and you’ll find the best deals during this time (outside of summer).

We hope you found this blog post helpful. If you still don’t know when is the best time to go to Hawaii, we recommend considering your personal preference and what seasons are going to provide a better experience for you in terms of weather and price. Whether it’s winter or fall, there will be something different about each season that appeals more to different people. Thanks for reading and check out our site for more articles like this one!